Seaside walks in the winter?


Living here in New England, we are so lucky to live close to the ocean. Of course, some of us live closer than others. I wish I lived closer but it is only a half an hour drive for me to reach the Cape Cod bridges and maybe 45 minutes into my favorite place, Sandwich. There’s nothing better than walking your dog on the beach. But what about winter time you ask. Well I took Winston last year in February. It was ummm very windy. But it was his first time near the ocean and he was very excited, what with the seagulls and all. We got as far as the Sandwich boardwalk at least.

The advantages of a winter time seaside walk? There are no crowds and the ocean is beautiful no matter what the season. It is great exercise for you both. We’ve been rather lucky this winter. There have been some actual nice days temperature-wise. Keep an eye on the weather and I’ll bet you’ll be able to find the right day for a walk, or for you brave souls, just bundle up. I should warn you though, windy days are tough near sandy beaches. I did a photo shoot on a very windy day late fall at Sagamore Beach and the sand pelting into exposed flesh was not pleasant.

Also as the warm season gets into gear, your dog may not be welcome on the beach. Check online for your favorite beaches policies regarding times of the year dogs are allowed on the beach.

So if you are looking for a new walking destination this winter don’t rule out the beach.

Annmarie ColletteComment