How Dogs Make Our Lives Better


There are many of us who love their dogs. We give them love, a home, food and care. But have you really thought how your dog helps you live a better life.

All dogs should get at least a half an hour walk every day but honestly we all should at least get a half an hour of walk a day. For myself, there have been some days where I don’t feel like walking due to the weather, being busy, but knowing Winston needs a walk gets me out there anyway. I’m always glad for it in the end. There is nothing better than getting outside, enjoying the fresh air, disconnecting from technology, and listening to the birds. A walk is a great bonding time for you and your dog.

With a dog, you always have a friend and will never be lonely. You may also meet another dog owner while out on your daily walk, making new friends for you and your dog. And hey a love connection is not out of the question, after all you already have two special things in common, dogs and walking.

Responsibility for another living creature is a good thing. For some, caring for a dog can fill a void. The daily routine of meeting your dog’s needs takes you beyond your own needs, worries and anxieties. Even playing with your dog can be a stress reliever.

Dogs make us feel happy. They make us laugh. They make us fall in love with them. And ultimately love is what it is all about.

Annmarie Collette