Some links about helping animals. Helping the world and its animals even in the smallest way will always enrich your own life.

Tracey and John Stewart’s sanctuary

The Rescue of Frank, the bull.

Save the Bees

Goats of Anarchy

The Kangaroo Sanctuary

20 Reasons Why Cows Should be Petted, Not Farmed.

Winslow Farm Animal Sanctuary

How can you help?

  • The elderly or those with physical challenges may not be able to walk or bath their dog. Check with your local senior center and offer your services. (In the summer, make sure you walk the dog early in the morning before it gets too hot or later in the evening when it cools down!)

  • Promote animal awareness in your community. Start your own newsletter about animal awareness and distribute it around town, such as the local vet, the library, stores.

  • You can always offer to create flyers to post around town featuring some of the animals up for adoption. You can also look up on their current needs on their website and start a collection for cat and dog food, kitty litter and blankets.

  • Do a walk for your favorite animal charity.

  • Offer to read to children at the local library one of these books promoting animal welfare: Petakids recommended books.

  • Winslow Farm is always looking for produce for the animals. Sometimes grocery stores will threw out food or have reduced produce, such as apples, squash, etc. Check with your local store to see if anything is available to bring to the farm.

  • Bags of broken bird seed are thrown out at stores, as well. Winslow Farm has plenty of birds that can use that bird seed.