Welcome to Sheepish Grin Animal Photography

Thank you for considering Sheepish Grin for your animal's photo session. Sheepish Grin Animal Photography specializes in creating images of pets in garden and outdoor settings. Sheepish Grin Animal Photography is for animal lovers with a strong connection to nature, who want colorful photographs of their pet in a natural environment.

The process is simple. You can either email, call or fill out the questionnaire here. Then, we choose a suitable time and date, as well as the location where you would like the session to take place. I can also make some suggestions if need be. Additional information and a copy of the contract will be sent for you to look over and fill out. I'll call the day before to confirm the appointment.

Natural, organic treats and a toy for your pup are brought to the session. The session typically lasts about one hour to an hour and a half. We set up an in-home ordering session, usually within a week after the photo session, where we sit down to help you select photos and products. 

Your order will arrive no later than two weeks. Get in touch with Sheepish Grin Animal Photography to book your session!


Products and Pricing

Session fees are $195 for up to two dogs.

Each additional dog is $25.

$200 minimum product order.

• Gift prints start at $40

• Session albums start at $500

• Collections start at $300

• Wall displays start at $200