How to Brighten a Photo in Lightroom


Sometimes your photo may be underexposed. As long as you shoot in RAW rather then JPG you can fix this. A RAW file is one unprocessed by the camera. With a JPG file, the camera is removing some details from the image. It’s always best to shoot in RAW unless you are limited on card space. Although it is a lot easier to bring back detail if an image is overexposed, as all the information is usually there and some of the information with an underexposed can be lost, you can bring back some detail. Here’s a quick Lightroom tip.


This photo was taken inside with less than great light conditions. But it was possible to rescue this photo in Lightroom.

screen 2.jpg

In the Develop module….


…I begin by adjusting the Shadows slider to lighten the image.


I then adjust the Whites slider.


Finally, I adjusted the Exposure slider a tad. The catch lights in Henrietta’s eye are now visible.