The Elements of Dog Photography



Dog photography can be very rewarding. Capturing those special times with your dog, documenting your dog’s growth and chronicling those funny expressions. Photos are keepsakes of wonderful moments.

Booking the Session

  • Learn as much as you can about the dog’s personality and if they have any health issues. Questions to ask include: Questions would include is it a senior dog, are they easily scared, are they aggressive, can they understand and respond to instructions, ask if they have a special toy they like, do they like to run after balls, etc.

  • Make sure the dog is groomed.

  • Make sure the dog is exercised before the session. Let them get out all their energy so they are more cooperative during the session.

Before the Session

  • Checklist - camera, clean lenses, check batteries, have treats, contract

  • Scout out location

During the Session

  • Spend a little time with the dog

  • If scared of camera let them check it out.

  • Safety is the first consideration, you can always photoshop out a leash.

  • Make sure there are not many people or dogs around. The dog may get easily distracted.

  • Establish you need to be the one the dog going to listen to.

  • Make session fun.

  • Take a combination of backgrounds, posed and action shots. Add in props.

  • Dogs respond to sound, try making different sounds

  • .Photography from different angles.

  • Photograph on the dog’s eye level.

  • Pay attention to where is the light coming from.

  • A dog with a white coat and a black coat need to photographed differently.

  • Use your judgement when the dog has had enough.

  • If you are photographing more than one dog, place the most obediant dog firstEditing - choosing best shot

After the Session

  • When editing, look for unique expressions