Displaying Your Photos


Now that you have your collection of photos what do you do with them?

It is tempting in these times of digital photography to just store your photos online or leave them in your phone. However, it is important to display your photos.

There are so many options to display your photos. Think outside the box beyond books and calendars, (although those are nice too) Some ideas include creating a photo mobile, make a photo magnet, or make your own cards, . Gifts for loved ones made with your photographs are always going to be special.

Try printing your photos on different types of paper.

Create a collage.

Of course you can always print and frame your photos. Using magnet photo frames is a great idea.

Here are some links to checkout with options for displaying your photos:

Printing photos from your phone and Instagram account? Here are some apps:

  • timeshel

  • Print Studio

  • Artifact Uprising

  • Shutterfly