Editing is part of the process


Editing your photos is also part of the creative process. You cannot learn from your photographs if you do not review them and thoughtfully make a decision regarding your best, thinking about why and learn from photographs that you feel are not successful and why.

When choosing photos keep in mind the following:

  • A photographer is always making the decision as to what and what not to include.

  • Think about the composition of your photograph. What are you including in the frame

  • Be aware of background distractions, such as bright colors that detract from the main subject or a tree sprouting from a head.

  • Be aware of color, patterns, shapes and lines.

  • How is the photograph framed? Are you leaving enough breathing space in the frame? Is the animal coming into the frame or out? Check out the rule of thirds. Here is an example of the difference between the subject too close to the frame and one that is better composed.

  • Take photos of the subject from different angles. Don’t be locked into standing and shooting from the same position.

  • Also try framing both horizontally and vertically.

  • Lighting is key to a photograph. Harsh sunshine makes for difficult light situations with blown out overexposed areas or dark underexposed areas. It makes harsh lighting conditions. Overcast days are best for shooting with even light, however, always be aware of interesting lighting situations. Also be aware of the sun’s location. Is it high in the sky? Is it behind the subject or shining on the subject?

  • There is something called the golden hour. This is a half an hour after sunrise and a half an hour before sunset. The light is truly gorgeous at this time of the day. Click here for an example.

  • What is the story of your photograph? Is it about color? Is it about the interaction of the animals? Is it about the expression of the animal?

  • Practice, practice, practice.

  • Learn the rules, then its okay to break the rules.

  • Photograph what you feel passionate about. Your photographs will be the better for it.


    Here are some examples of photographer projects.

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